First Hayden Lake Treatments set for Monday/Tuesday next week


Aquatechnex will be starting aquatic herbicide treatments targeting Eurasian Milfoil on Hayden Lake this coming week (July 9-10).  These treatments will be made at the three sites on this map First Hayden Treatment Map.

The Monkins Bay Site will be treated on Monday July 9th and signs will be posted today on all affected properties.  The other two sites north and south of Monkins will be posted on Monday the 9th and treated on Tuesday the 10th.

The product to be used is Littora Aquatic Herbicide.  There is a three day restriction on the use of treated water for drinking and irrigation from the treatment sites.  While there is no swimming restriction on the US EPA label, we recommend staying out of the water for 12 hours as a precaution to allow the concentrate to dilute and be absorbed by the target vegetation.

Any questions can be addressed to ISDA at 208-332-8667 or you can leave a comment here.

Please note that there will be a second round of treatments the week of July 23rd and public notice is going out this week regarding that.  Updates will be posted on that treatment after this is completed. 


One thought on “First Hayden Lake Treatments set for Monday/Tuesday next week

  1. ISDA should look to use ProcellaCOR at Hayden Lake as a systemic solution rather than a Diquat product. Newly approved by EPA with likely better results and fewer water use restrictions seems like a great solution!!!


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