Hayden Lake Second Treatment

The second treatment of Eurasian Milfoil on Hayden Lake will be performed this coming week, July 23-27.  The treatment map can be viewed at this link, Treatment Map Week of July 23rd

You will note two treatment objectives.

The first treatment performed will be scheduled for Wednesday July 25th with signs posted 24 hours prior to application on your shoreline.  This treatment area is a “seek and destroy” type of treatment in an area 20 feet from the shoreline to the shore.  Only visible “topped out” milfoil will be treated within the shoreline area (yellow band on the map) by water craft equipped with hand held spray systems.

The second treatment will be in the north arm of the lake near Sportsman’s Boat Launch will be a two part treatment with the first treatment occurring on Thursday July 26th and Friday July 27th if necessary.  We will be treating the shoreline areas within this polygon this week.  This application will be made with boats equipped with hand gun systems for areas around docks and boats and submerged injection drop hoses for those areas further off shore.

The water use restrictions from the treatment areas are: do not use water from the treatment area for potable water use or irrigation for 3 days post treatment.  There are no swimming restrictions, but we recommend staying out of the water for 12 hours to let the herbicide distribute.

We will be leaving the middle part of the lake in North Arm/Sportsman’s Bay zone until 14 days later.  This is to be compliant with Littora Herbicide Label (EPA registration number 67690-53) and the aquatic application requirements.  This second application will not impose water use restrictions on any of the shoreline areas.  


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