Hayden Treatments Completed for the Week, note change in water use restrictions

The shoreline “search and control” mission for Eurasian Milfoil was completed on Wednesday of this past week.  Initially the entire shoreline was mapped as potential treatment area, direction from the State was to target infestations along the shoreline out to 20 feet that were “topped out”.  As posting started for this work on Tuesday, the team noted large areas were devoid of Eurasian Milfoil.  The treatment was modified to a “spot treatment” in most areas and that changes the water use restrictions from three days to one day within those treatment zones, and no water use restrictions outside of the treatment areas.

The major treatment in the north end of the lake near Sportsman’s was completed on Thursday.  This 270 acre treatment plot had to be broken into two application to comply with the label, “when treated large areas split the application into two treatments at 14 day intervals to insure adequate dissolved oxygen levels”.  As such, this treatment focused on the shorelines of the lake to well off shore.  The second half of this treatment will be performed the week of August 6th, with a target date of Thursday that week.  This treatment will be well off shore and away from any water intakes, there will be no water use restrictions imposed on shoreline residents from this treatment and no need to post the shoreline.


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