Treatment Planned for the Week of July 9th

The first Eurasian Milfoil treatment on Hayden Lake is scheduled for the week of July 9th.  The anticipated work flow will be posting the treatment areas on Monday the 9th and performing the application on Tuesday the 10th weather permitting. Please check back during that week and get updates here in cases the schedule changes slightly.

A treatment map can be viewed at this link.  Week of July 9th Treatment Map

The blue polygons are the treatment zones where herbicide will be applied, the yellow buffer zone is the area where water use restrictions apply.


2018 Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Program

We will be using this site to communicate with the public during the 2018 Eurasian Milfoil Control Program.  Aquatechnex will be performing treatments at the direction of the ISDA program and this location will include updates, interactive treatment maps and other key information during this summer.

Initial plans are to treat areas identified by survey the week of July 9th and additional treatments scheduled for the week of July 23rd.

Stop back often for treatment information.